Nuno Pinto [1976]

                               Music tells us the future. So, lend me the clarinet to take a peek.

Pinto, Nuno, dixit 1985 leaving primary school in Mateus, Portugal [dad’s audio record]

If it is true that music can constitute itself as a prophecy, the epigraph statement by Nuno Pinto confirms it. Musicians, when exposed in their plenitude, play a double game. They are, simultaneously, seminal and prophet.
Nuno Pinto always knew of that privilege and, therefore, decided to give his clarinet a touch of Midas: he transformed it into a ubiquitous object in wich his art is in everything he touches and where he, the artisan, is a true sound shaman.
Saul Silva, António Saiote, Michel Arrignon and Alain Damiens shaped and perfected his artistic gesture making it singular in the national and international panorama – one only needs to mention the considerable amount of music registered by him [19 discographic records], the amount of débuts [161] and the music [24 pieces] dedicated to him.
All of this so that Nuno Pinto may declare, in loud voice and bass clarinet, that music makes audible the world to come, using contemporary music, the music of and in the world and Jazz to that end, and always acolyte by a thorough selection of music ensembles from Trivm de Palhetas, to Clarinetes Ad Libitum, from Camerata Senza Misura to Sond’Art Eletric Ensemble.
It should be added and emphasised that, not pleased with his interpretative gift to the world of music, Nuno Pinto declares daily his passion for the study of music by teaching clarinet – la crème de la crème – at Escola Superior de Música e Artes do Espectáculo at Politécnico do Porto.

The present declaration, being true, is hereby signed by the one who has been watching him artistically and pedagogically,

Mário Azevedo